Light reflecting concrete

Light reflecting concrete combines the positive properties of concrete (fireproof, strength, construction technology) with the property of retroreflection. Retroreflective surfaces precisely reflect incident light (sunlight or artificial light) back towards the light source.

Concrete reflects light

The concrete surface is according to its position, activated by light from both the light source and the recipient. At any given moment the reflection effect can become perceptible, and the concrete switches from a passive to an active state.

The properties of light reflecting concrete open up wide-ranging design possibilities in architecture, interior design, product design and traffic-safety related areas. Potential applications include the permanent marking of dangerous areas (stairs, curbs, platform edges, tunnel passages) for safety purposes as well as the design of structurally-integrated guiding systems and new surface components (facade, floor, ceiling).

Big picture:
Light reflecting concrete.
Photo: Boris Trenkel.