Silenzio Forte low noise-barrier system using gabions

Noise reduction at the point of contact between wheels and rails

On all railway lines, in listed areas, routes along valley floors – our Silenzio Forte low noise-barrier system features a high-quality absorber core with EBA approval and effectively intercepts sound where it’s generated. The element baskets of the three-chamber gabion system that have been designed in such a way that they can be walked on will fit harmoniously into any landscape. Filled with high-quality as well as sound-absorbing lava and dolomite rock, they absorb the rolling noise generated at the point of contact between wheels and rails by at least 6 db(A) and convince with their durability and flexibility.

One-stop noise abatement

We are a construction business and a strong partner to railway companies. The user approval for the DB Netz AG’s Silenzio Forte gabions means that we at HERING are able to realise your noise-abatement measures from initial contact to implementation.

Our focus? Your benefit!

Shortest possible shut-down times, optimised processes, high-quality and functional noise-abatement solutions that meet the demands for protecting natural and urban habitats while satisfying your requirements for cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the best possible way.

Silenzio Forte low noise barrier

  • Effective and aesthetic three-chamber gabion system
  • Absorber core with EBA Approval Number GZ 21.51-21; zbia / 028 (on request seamless with concrete filled on site)
  • Graffiti-resistant, durable and low-maintenance
  • Flat foundation as a heavy-duty wall
  • Realisation of passages to let small animals through, climbing aids, empty ductwork, ladders, railings, steps, etc.
  • Rapid and easy assembly without safety spaces
  • May be combined with other soundproofing elements
  • Reduction of noise levels by at least 6 dB(A)

HERING – one-stop expertise

As a construction company, we’ve been convincing our customers with our expertise and our ability to perform with all technologies and in all construction phases for more than 130 years.

Certificats and qualifications

  • User approval from DB Netz AG
  • EBA approval
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