Low noise barriers - small and effective.

Positioned directly adjacent to the track, HERING's low noise barriers ensure an effective reduction in the level of noise produced by rail traffic. Thanks to their low height and their appearance, the low barriers blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.

HERING had already installed low noise barriers on heavily used test tracks in 2011 as part of a number of pilot measures that were implemented within the framework of the second economic stimulus package. DB Netz AG is recommending that the systems be included in the "Schall 03" German guideline for railway noise emissions.

Gabione-type ‘Silenzio Forte’.

Constructed immediately adjacent to the track, the low Gabione barrier delivers an effective reduction in the amount of noise from trains travelling past.


In the field of noise protection HERING employees develop, build and install for a number of years hight noise barriers as well as innovative low noise barriers, mobile noise barriers and torsion beams.

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