Low noise barrier (nSSW) Silenzio Forte - small and effective!

Low noise protection from HERING is an effective and noise-reducing alternative when high noise protection walls cannot be used, e.g. for reasons of monument protection, urban planning or visual reasons.

Even in the immediate vicinity of the track, the low HERING noise barrier Silenzio Forte provides an effective reduction of traffic noise. Due to its low height and sustainable appearance, it blends harmoniously into the landscape along train lines. The rolling noise from the wheel-to-rail contact is effectively shielded by at least 6db(A).

Various low noise protection systems available

In addition to the Silenzio Forte noise barrier, HERING offers various other low noise protection systems. We would be happy to advise you, please contact us!

All products manufacturef for use within DB’s have both EBA approval and user clearance.

  • Clear view for travellers and residents
  • In heights of 55 and 76 cm above the top of the rail
  • Visually appealing design
  • Shallow foundation - no pile driving or drilling
  • Quick and easy assembly in short train breaks
  • Sound absorption as close as possible to the point of origin (wheel-to-rail contact)
  • Wire baskets with fillings made of lava / dolomite rock or similar (according to customer requirements) and concrete core with absorber mat
  • Durable, low-maintenance and recyclable
  • Walkable in the event of an unintentional stop of trains on the track
  • Components can be removed / replaced individually or completely if required
  • Safe against graffiti
  • Small animal passages and climbing aids possible
  • Walls provide an additional retreat for small animals
  • Together with our cooperation partner, Deutschle GmbH & Co. KG, we offer the low noise barriers for the DB AG area
  • EBA approval is available
  • User clearance from DB Netz AG is available
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