Gabione-type ‘Silenzio Forte’ low noise barrier.

Constructed immediately adjacent to the track, the low Gabione barrier delivers an effective reduction in the amount of noise from trains travelling past.

Product description:

  • Approval issued by the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA – Federal Railway Authority)
  • Approval for use issued by DB Netz AG
  • Unobstructed view for travellers and residents
  • At 55 and 76 cm height above the top edge of the rail
  • Visually appealing design
  • Flat foundation – no ramming or drilling
  • Rapid and easy installation in short breaks between trains
  • Noise absorption as close as possible to the source (wheel / rail contact)
  • Wire baskets with fillings of lava / dolomite rock, etc. (in accordance with customer requirements) and concrete core with absorber mat
  • Durable, low-maintenance and recyclable
  • Can be walked on in the event of unscheduled stops on the track
  • Components may be removed / replaced individually or completely as required
  • Graffiti-proof
  • Small animal passages and climbing aids possible
  • Walls provide an additional retreat for small animals
  • We are supplying low noise barriers to meet DB AG requirements in conjunction with our cooperation partner, Deutschle GmbH & Co KG.

Picture gallery "Silenzio Forte":


In the field of noise protection HERING employees develop, build and install for a number of years hight noise barriers as well as innovative low noise barriers, mobile noise barriers and torsion beams.

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