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Noise protection means protection of the environment

Low Noise Barrier System "Zbloc - Typ 3 a"

The height of the Zbloc low noise protection system is comparable to that of the edge of a platform and the system is installed directly on the railway embankment.

Low noise barrier in Bingen
Low noise barrier in Bingen

Product information:

  • Unobstructed view for passengers and nearby residents
  • Up to 76 cm height above the rail level
  • Surface foundation – no ramming or drilling necessary
  • Acoustic absorption as close to the place of origin (wheel/track contact) as possible
  • Durable, maintenance-free and recyclable
  • Walk-on surface for evacuation during involuntary stop of trains along the line
  • Movable for mechanical ballast cleaning operation
  • If required, parts can be individual removed / exchanged
  • Passages for small animals
  • Fibre reinforced concrete, thus, no ground connection required
  • Tested up to the permissible vmax ? 200 km/h
  • Supply lines can be integrated into the system
  • Escape gates and climb-over aids integrable
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