SONO STOP.® - the mobile way to protect against noise.

Things always get noisy whenever building starts or people come together – at least temporarily. HERING has developed the SONO STOP.® mobile noise barrier to protect residents from construction noise and loud public events. Because it’s quick and simple to install while being easy to move thanks to its lightweight design, SONO STOP.® may be used in a broad range of applications – either as a temporary noise-abatement solution for construction sites or during events.

SONO STOP.® applications.

  • All kinds of construction sites,
  • Events (concerts, public screenings, city festivals, beer gardens)
  • Noise-sensitive areas, e.g. hospitals, schools, retirement homes, etc.
  • Industrial companies (e.g. pump stations)

The features and benefits that SONO STOP.® deliveres:

  • Simple and fast handling: assembly and dismantling as well as relocation may also be carried out by third parties after a brief period of training
  • Only simple assembly tools required for installation
  • High noise-reduction effect / highly absorbent
  • Low element weights, max. 75 kg
  • Verified structural system analysis
  • Preliminary calculations possible for any location
  • May also be used in difficult terrain thanks to flexible foundation-foot elements
  • Great flexibility in regard to location, substrate, height and length, etc.
  • Flexible and modular up to four metres high, modular design
  • Freely selectable wall line (all opening angles possible in the longitudinal axis)
  • Reusable components for sustainability and resource conservation
  • Durable and weather-resistant, low-maintenance / maintenance-free
  • May be used as advertising space (prints may be attached)
  • High economic efficiency (for different periods of use)
  • Rapid availability
  • Hiring options

Prevent projects from being delayed or even halted entirely by the early planning of noise abatement with SONO STOP.®, the mobile noise barrier. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for an individual consultation.

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SONO STOP.® was installed for the first time in the centre of the Saarland region’s city of Merzig in autumn 2018 to protect residents living near the station from construction noise.  The SONO STOP.® modular noise-absorbing wall elements by HERING that are around 45 metres long and four metres high were quickly installed with little effort.

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