SONO STOP.® - that is how mobile noise protection works

When construction is taking place in conurbations or many people gather, noise is generated - at least temporarily. To protect residents from construction noise or the noise level of public events, HERING has developed the temporary and mobile SONO STOP.® noise barrier.

Various possibilities of application

There are very diverse possibilities of application. Whether as a temporary noise protection solution for use at construction sites, during festivities and other events or as noise protection in front of noise-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes, etc. : SONO STOP.® is the fast and effective solution.

Protect residents and avoid project delays by planning noise protection in good time with SONO STOP.®. We would be happy to advise you on your project - please contact us.

Features and benefits of SONO STOP.®:

  • Easy handling: assembly/disassembly and relocation by third parties is possible after brief training
  • Can be mounted with simple assembly tools
  • High sound reduction values/highly absorbent
  • Low element weights
  • Tested system statics
  • Pre-calculations for each locality
  • Use even in difficult terrain due to flexible foundation foot elements
  • High flexibility with regard to location, subsoil, construction height and length, etc.
  • Flexible and modular construction up to a height of 4 metres
  • Wall run freely selectable (all opening angles possible in longitudinal axis)
  • Sustainability and resource conservation through reusable components
  • Durable and weather-resistant, low-maintenance or maintenance-free
  • Can be used as advertising space (printable prints can be attached)
  • High economic efficiency (with different operating times)
  • Fast availability
  • Can be rented
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