Rail Web Dampers - greatest effect with regards to rail track noise reduction.

The greatest effect with regards to rail track noise reduction is achieved by implementing countermeasures directly at the source of noise. Rail web dampers are applied, which have proven to create a noise reduction. The dampers are mounted on the rails with the aid of a paving train during short shutdown periods.

Even during tamping and grinding operations, the rail web dampers are not affected and long-lasting functional efficiency is ensured.

Rail web dampers are provided for all Vignol rail profiles. Hering uses rail web dampers as they not only facilitate an optimum acoustic effectiveness, but which also ensure an unhindered performance of maintenance and repair operations after fitting.

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In the field of noise protection Hering employees develop, build and install for a number of years hight noise barriers as well as innovative low noise barriers, mobile noise barriers and torsion beams as well as rail dampers.

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