Reference project: Andernach

Within the scope of the Federal Government’s IBP II (Infrastructure acceleration programme), an additional noise barrier measure along the tracks in Mittelrheintal has been completed: in September, by order to DB Netz AG Koblenz, Hering constructed a 126-metre-long noise barrier along the track section Cologne – Bingen (km 73.515 to 73.641). The individual 2-metre-long element buckets were sourced from a Hering cooperation partner, Deutschle Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG, and are filled with lava and Dolomite rocks.

The Hering convoy built the low noise barrier during a night shift. The buckets are only 0.74-metre above the upper rail edge, align harmoniously into the environment and ensure that guests in the train as well as the citizens of Andernach, whose homes are in direct vicinity, have an unimpeded view. Of course, at regular intervals the gabion wall has culverts for small animals as well as climbing aids.

Construction panel

Low noise barrier in the track area


DB Netz AG Koblenz

Year of construction:

Autumn 2014

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