Noise protection reference project UrbanProtectionShield®

Ohm Gärten, Troisdorf

Planning and installation by HERING for a private investor in the course of the new construction of a residential complex in Troisdorf. A transparent noise protection solution was installed to provide the green area in the inner courtyard of the residential complex with continuous daylight.

Installation of glass noise protection walls - Details:

  • 2 glass walls, 12 and 8 metres high
  • a total of 48 glass elements
  • unit weight of 300kg
  • construction time approx. 3 weeks

Construction Panel

Residential Complex Troisdorf, Ohm Gärten

Transparent noise protection wall UrbanProtectionShield®


Privater Investor

Year of construction:

2020. Construction time: 3 weeks


Reference projects noise abatement:

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