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DDA/ADA compliant automatic public toilet facilities

Following demographic trends, buildings accessible to those with disabilities are becoming a key element in future oriented architecture. Hering's automatic public toilet facilities are DDA, ADA and DIN certified. For many years Hering has used the DIN 18024 / DIN 18040 as a basis for planning, building and structural implementation. The DIN CERTCO certificate underlines our position as a leading producer and supplier of accessible public toilets.

In compliance with standard norms, all facilities are equipped with a washbasin, tilted mirror and storage shelf. The automatically triggered “soap-water-air” function is illuminated by means of electro-mechanical sensor buttons. A key element of the APT is the 1.50 m x 1.50 m open space in front of the toilet bowl area.

Access to the APT is achieved by using either a CBF- key (German standard), inserting a coin or through a touch sensor button. The designated CBF- lock or touch sensor button is located next to the illuminated Free / Busy sign at a height of 85 cm and once pressed the door opens and closes on its own. To exit the toilet facility, the user simply pushes the illuminated touch sensor button ‘OPEN'.

The DDA/ADA compliant automatic public toilet facilities (APT) feature the following equipment:

  • A button operated stainless steel entrance door with external occupancy indicators
  • Electro Magnetic locking for optimum security
  • Occupancy period pre-set by the operator
  • Backrest behind the toilet seat
  • Two mechanical aids with integrated flushing function
  • Sensor operated toilet flushing
  • Sensor operated hand wash/soap/drying module.
  • Heating and ventilation system
  • Emergency alarm system

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