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Premium-WC - WCmatic®

The WCmatic® is Herings premier fully automatic public toilet facility, combining years of experience in planning, construction and the operation of toilet facilities with the latest technology. Fully constructed in our factory, the WCmatic® is installed and ready to use within 24 hours. The free-standing, vandal resistant facility is available in 1 or 2 room options.

The APT features of the WCmatic® include:

  • DIN/ DDA / ADA compliant
  • Fully automatic seat cleaning
  • Fully automatic high-pressure floor cleaning
  • Opti-Drain Flooring which eliminates all residual water, ensuring a dry floor within seconds
  • An exterior facade made from high quality re-enforced glass or exposed concrete
  • Quality interior facade made from single pane safety glass or steel ceramic
  • Touch-free hand wash basin

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