Automatic cleaning systems

Automatic cleaning systems promote cleanliness and hygiene and are a real benefit for users. While they can make regular cleaning and inspection by a cleaner easier, they do not replace the cleaner. The following cleaning systems have been developed, patented and produced by HERING.

As an option, HERING toilet systems can be fitted with the following automatic cleaning systems:

Automatic seat cleaning

Every time the toilet is used and the user leaves, the toilet seat is automatically cleaned. The seat is pulled into the cleaning chamber in the installations room, cleaned with water nozzles, disinfected and dried. It then returns to its normal position so there is a clean, hygienic toilet seat for the next user.

Automatic high-pressure floor cleaning

Floor cleaning takes the form of jet cleaning with no moving parts. There is an approx. 10 cm opening in the wall behind the toilet bowl with a stainless steel drain box with a grating and an outlet. The dirt is washed out of the toilet cubicle into here. The non-slip, water-permeable drainage floor ensures that the user has a clean, dry floor immediately after the high-pressure floor cleaning system is used. The cleaning cycle can be adjusted to suit the requirements.


Urifloor is a stainless steel tray with a grid cover. If used in the floor below the urinal, the Urifloor catches urine. The built-in floor cleaning system prevents unpleasant smells and ensures optimum hygiene.

For better hygiene in your toilet facilities:

  • Automatic seat cleaning
  • Automatic high-pressure floor cleaning
  • Urifloor
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Automatic seat cleaning
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Automatic floor cleaning

45 years of expertise

From planning and construction through financing to maintenance, cleaning and repairs. HERING Sanikonzept has over 45 years of expertise and has already built more than 6200 toilet systems. We currently operate 1300 systems with a range of service modules. Our company employs around 100 people, split between our head office in Burbach and service support points all over Germany.

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