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Interior equipment

The combination of ease of use, functionality and design in the interior is a great challenge for any WC specialist. Hering strives to combine user-friendly and hygienic elements with the latest, toughest and safest technologically advanced systems and materials. In addition, all equipment is installed and connected in the technology room in the rear of the facility, making it safer and less susceptible to vandalism.

Urinal Urifloor
Urinal Urifloor


  • Interior equipment built according to handicapped accessible standards
  • Non-contact, sensor-controlled triggering of equipment
  • Hygiene-friendly
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Safety components for user protection
  • Technology and installations in separate utility room
  • Easy to clean equipment

Picture gallery "Interior equipment"

Controll button
Babys changing table
Toilet for the handycapped
Door opener
High pressure floor cleaning
Hand wash basin
Coin reader
Emergency button
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