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Built-in Toilet Facilities "Flexi Kit"

The built-in Flexi Kit toilet facility incorporates all the features and benefits of a fully automated public toilet facility in to a single module which can be easily integrated into a new or existing building.

The Flexi Kit is ideal for those who do not have a suitable site for an Automatic Public Toilet (APT) or wish to upgrade an existing or new facility in to a fully automated specification. The module consists of a prefabricated self supporting ‘shell’ made from stainless steel clad and insulated panels. All toilet fitments are preinstalled and the module is installed by sliding it into place within the designated building. The necessary utilities are then connected and it is immediately ready to operate.

The "Flexi Kit" module is available in two sizes:

  • Fully ADA/DDA compliant (i.e. Full wheel chair access)
  • ‘Standard’ non ADA/DDA compliant
Built-in Toilet Facility Flexi Kit, Bad Duerrenberg, designed by Agentur BahnStadt GbR
Built-in Toilet Facility "Flexi Kit", Bad Dürrenberg, designed by Agentur BahnStadt GbR


  • High quality stainless steel surfaces and fixtures
  • Graffiti and vandalism resistant
  • Stainless steel access door
  • Electro magnetic door lock ensuring maximum security
  • Sensor operated toilet flush
  • Sensor operated hand wash/soap/dryer module
  • Flush mounted toilet roll dispensers and trash bin
  • Stainless steel grid floor with automatic floor wash facility
  • Optional extra: Sensor operated toilet seat clean/disinfect/dry after each use

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