FLEXI KIT toilet installation system

Simply integrated: would you like to integrate a new sanitary facility into an existing building? Then our FLEXI KIT installation system is the perfect solution as a plug-in or installation module. Our FLEXI KIT is a prefabricated sanitary room cell for immediate start-up, which is inserted into the building through an installation opening. The module is based on a steel frame construction and is planked with stainless steel sandwich elements. The interior contains a fully equipped WC cabin with WC bowl, hand basin, wall-integrated waste bin, toilet paper dispenser etc. – all in robust stainless steel design.

Naturally, wall surfaces can also be covered with other materials such as glass. A fine-ribbed grating floor and a stainless steel tub underneath with floor flushing ensure optimum floor hygiene.

The following modules are available:

  •  Accessible barrier-free module according to DIN 18040 “FLEXI KIT accessible barrier-free”
  •  Space optimized small module "FLEXI KIT Mini"

Both versions are available with and without automatic toilet seat cleaning!


  • High quality stainless steel surfaces and objects
  • Resistance to graffiti and vandalism
  • Stainless steel entrance door
  • Electromagnetic door lock ensures maximum security
  • WC flushing via sensor and automatically via door contact
  • Operation of the hand-washing basin via sensors
  • Wall-integrated toilet paper dispenser and waste bin
  • Stainless steel grid floor and stainless steel tub underneath with flushing system
  • Optionally with automatic toilet seat cleaning

Picture gallery "Built-in Toilet Facilities FLEXI KIT"


HERING offers a complete concept including planning, developing, financing, construction, and the operation and maintenance of automatic toilet facilities.

HERING APTs range from free-standing toilets for towns and communities, to car park and built-in toilet facilities, in addition to many special solutions. All systems are available as semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

Also included in our range of toilet facilities is the WC Center and the wc&fresh sanitary system for public buildings with a high frequency usage such as railway stations, shopping centres and airports.

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