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“Flexi-Kit” toilet installation system

The “Flexi-Kit” toilet installation system is a toilet booth that comes as an insertion or installation module. The module is either prefabricated at the factory and inserted in the existing wall recess of an existing building or assembled on-site.

The module is based on a steel frame construction and panelled with stainless steel sandwich elements. The interior space includes a fully equipped toilet booth with a toilet bowl, washbasin, wall-integrated waste container, toilet paper dispenser etc. – everything in robust stainless steel. Wall surfaces may of course also be provided in other materials such as glass. Optimal floor hygiene is ensured thanks to a floor design with a fine grid and underlying stainless steel tray with floor washing capability.

The “Flexi-Kit” module” is available as follows:

  • Accessible module as per DIN 18040
  • Small space-optimised module

Both models are available with or without automatic seat cleansing.

Built-in Toilet Facility Flexi Kit, Bad Duerrenberg, designed by Agentur BahnStadt GbR
Built-in Toilet Facility "Flexi Kit", Bad Dürrenberg, designed by Agentur BahnStadt GbR


  • High quality stainless steel surfaces and items
  • Graffiti and vandalism resistant
  • Stainless steel entrance door
  • Electromagnetic door locking to ensure maximum safety
  • Toilet flushing via sensor and automatic on door contact
  • Operation of the washbasin via sensors
  • Wall-integrated toilet paper dispenser and waste container
  • Stainless steel floor with a fine grid and underlying steel tray with flushing
  • Optional with automatic seat cleansing

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