Self-contained toilet facilities

HERING has developed a self-contained toilet facility which can be operated completely without electricity, a water supply or a wastewater connection.

The waterless toilet facility (WLT) is operable all year round and is ideal for hiking trails and highway rest areas. This toilet, which incorporates a composting process to dispose of the waste, is made from a sturdy prefabricated wooden shelter with a framework construction and all fittings and fixtures are preinstalled. A prefabricated base plate is provided, so that the toilet facility only needs to be set up on the intended site.

The WLT range:

  • WLT-100-D with 1 WC cubicle
  • WLT-100-B with 1 WC cubicle
  • WLT-200-D with 2 WC cubicles


  • Metal sheet roof cladding
  • Sturdy entrance door with lock
  • Profiled timber cladding
  • Hygienic interior cladding made of seamless HPL wall covering
  • Prefabricated base plate
  • Composting unit with toilet bowl, ventilation flue and revision area
  • 2 folding support rails (for type WLT-100-B)
  • Waterless urinal
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Stainless steel toilet paper holder for 3 rolls

Picture gallery "WLT / waterless toilet facility"


HERING offers a complete concept including planning, developing, financing, construction, and the operation and maintenance of automatic toilet facilities.

HERING APTs range from free-standing toilets for towns and communities, to car park and built-in toilet facilities, in addition to many special solutions. All systems are available as semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

Also included in our range of toilet facilities is the WC Center and the wc&fresh sanitary system for public buildings with a high frequency usage such as railway stations, shopping centres and airports.

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