Trucker toilet

Personnel toilets for transport services and logistics companies.

Sanitary facilities in the personnel and logistical sector have special requirements with regards to vandalism, durability and functionality. HERING has developed a self-supporting unit with a robust concrete construction, which provides a high-quality and the long-term safety of the technical equipment resulting in trouble-free operation and functionality.

Sensible and careful planning based on our many years of experience provides a quality product for the client and only high-quality materials and equipment are used in our sanitary buildings.

Fast and effective cleaning is achieved through the installation of flush fitted handles and mechanisms, and corners, niches, projecting radiators, light switches etc are avoided. This also addresses and decreases the risk of vandalism. The use of jointless flooring prevents the penetration of malodorous bacteria and thus ensures that the toilet facility remains hygienic and fresh.


  • The building consists of a 10 cm thick reinforced concrete construction
  • With a concrete facade. The outer walls are constructed from 24cm thick sandwich elements with intermediate insulation
  • For all other facades (HPL, steel ceramic , brick , wood, etc. ) the exterior walls receive an appropriate insulation ( thermal insulation composite system )
  • All fixtures are made from high-quality stainless steel
  • All accessories are attached from the rear, and are accessible from the technical room
  • Seamless epoxy resin flooring and under floor heating are provided
  • Integrated ceiling lights are installed
  • Lighting and ventilation is controlled automatically through the door contact.

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HERING offers a complete concept including planning, developing, financing, construction, and the operation and maintenance of automatic toilet facilities.

HERING APTs range from free-standing toilets for towns and communities, to car park and built-in toilet facilities, in addition to many special solutions. All systems are available as semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

Also included in our range of toilet facilities is the WC Center and the wc&fresh sanitary system for public buildings with a high frequency usage such as railway stations, shopping centres and airports.

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