Self-contained toilets


Simple, sustainable sanitation solutions for sites without water, waste water and power connections. This concept is especially suited where there is low visitor footfall and for locations which are not connected to the existing media infrastructure.

WLT Urban

A special toilet pan separates faeces and urine and feeds them into separate collection tanks. Ventilation in the collection tanks creates a semi-vacuum to prevent strong smells. The collection tank is made of concrete or plastic, and the contents must be regularly pumped out by an extraction vehicle, depending on the frequency of use. Within the cubicle, toilet paper and a disinfectant dispenser are available to the user for hand hygiene.

WLT Green

Ideal for locations with very low footfall, such as cycle paths and hiking trails, where building regulations do not apply. A special toilet pan separates faeces and urine and leads them into a composting container. A self-powered fan evaporates the urine and dries the faeces. At the same time, this extracts odours from the cubicle. The compositing unit works at external temperatures of 1°C and above. The small amount of dried faeces needs to be regularly removed and disposed of. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness for the compositing unit, daily user frequency should not exceed 10 users.


  • Wooden or concrete cabin (for WLT Urban only)
  • Single cubicle, dual cubicle or disabled access
  • Sheet metal roof covering
  • Lockable access door
  • Internal cladding with seamless HPL wall covering
  • Waterless urinal
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Ceramic sanitary fittings
  • Stainless steel paper roll holder
  • Pre-fabricated floor plate

HERING standalone toilets

WLT = waterless toilet

  • Toilet for places without water, waste water and electricity connections

WLT Urban:

  • Toilet for playgrounds, for example

WLT Green:

  • Toilet for cycle paths and hiking trails
  • Max. 10 users per day


45 years of expertise

From planning and construction through financing to maintenance, cleaning and repairs: HERING Sanikonzept has over 45 years of expertise and has already built more than 6200 toilet systems. We currently operate 1300 systems with a range of service modules! Our company employs around 100 people, split between our head office in Burbach and service support points all over Germany.

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