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WC Center

The Hering WC Center is a quality toilet centre for use in public buildings with a high level of user frequency, such as railway stations and shopping centres. The WC Centres, suitable both for new buildings or those wishing to upgrade, is available in both a premium and a standard version. The standard Hering WC-Centers are installed in stations where service staff is not constantly needed.

Family cabin
Family cabin

Equipment - hygienic, environment friendly and vandalism resistant

Steel and ceramic materials are used for the wall linings and the toilet facilities are fitted with stainless steel and Corian equipment, making the toilet facilities hygienic and vandalism resistant.

Environmental protection and sustainability come first at Hering, which is why Hering Sanikonzept uses microbiological cleaning agents by awiwa®. These products ensure the lasting removal of organic soiling and the resulting odours as well as powerful, effective cleaning and are absolutely natural, ph-neutral and fully biodegradable. The products use natural microorganisms or ‘cleansing bacteria’ to reach deep into the concrete and joints, and remove any residues that conventional cleaners cannot get to. The use of microbiological cleaning agents allows Hering to reduce the use of aggressive chemicals, ease the impact on groundwater and contribute to an intact ecological system.

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