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Systemised construction solutions
Solutions for public toilet facilities

Premium toilet facility "wc & fresh"

The wc & fresh premium toilet facility range began in 2010 with the design and construction of the first rail & fresh toilet facility. Today it has expanded to include the shop & fresh, city & fresh and park & fresh facilities:

  • rail & fresh for railway stations.
  • shop & fresh for shopping malls, indoor markets, sporting arenas and food courts.
  • city & fresh for markets, central bus stations or promenades.
  • park & fresh for service areas at motorways or highly-frequented traffic areas.
Wash basins
Wash basins

The design and technology is based on 40 years of experience in the fields of engineering, development, financing, construction, service and maintenance of toilet facilities. The attractive design, innovative technology and regular cleaning by trained service personnel ensure the user a pleasant experience.

Voucher system

Many rail & fresh and park & fresh facilities also include showers, allowing travellers to freshen up on their journey. The voucher system is available at most wc & fresh toilet facilities which the user can redeem at various partner shops.

Environmental protection and sustainablitity

Environmental protection and sustainability come first at Hering, which is why Hering Sanikonzept uses microbiological cleaning agents. These products ensure the lasting removal of organic soiling and the resulting odours. Many rail & fresh toilets are also equipped with exceptional water-saving mixing washbasins; whilst traditional washbasins can use around 2 litres of water per hand wash, this device requires only 0.2 litres of water, and you can see for yourself when you next visit our rail & fresh toilets.


For more information please visit www.wc-fresh.com.

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