wc&fresh – sanitary (dream)rooms redefined.

With our premium concepts rail&fresh, city&fresh, park&fresh and shop&fresh we can provide reliable concepts for railway stations, shopping centres, car parks, restaurants and cafés as well as for cities and municipalities. More than 40 years of experience in engineering, development, financing, construction, service and maintenance of our toilet facilities are the basis for the innovative technology and the attractive design. Depending on the number of users, the systems are permanently staffed with trained service personnel or are cleaned after fixed cleaning cycles to ensure a high level of hygiene and user satisfaction.

Voucher system

In our wc&fresh centres, users pay a lump sum per use and receive a voucher with immediate discount. The vouchers can be redeemed flexibly at all participating partner shops or during the next visit to a wc&fresh facility.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability have top priority at HERING. This is why HERING Sanikonzept uses microbiological cleaning agents that sustainably remove organic dirt and the resulting odours.

Many rail&fresh systems are also equipped with an extremely water-saving Smixin hand washbasin - while conventional hand washing uses approx. 2 litres of water, this device requires only 0.2 litres of water for a single operation - come and see for yourself during your next visit to our rail&fresh toilets.

For more information please visit www.wc-fresh.com.

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HERING offers a complete concept including planning, developing, financing, construction, and the operation and maintenance of automatic toilet facilities.

HERING APTs range from free-standing toilets for towns and communities, to car park and built-in toilet facilities, in addition to many special solutions. All systems are available as semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

Also included in our range of toilet facilities is the WC Center and the wc&fresh sanitary system for public buildings with a high frequency usage such as railway stations, shopping centres and airports.

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