System roofs / Platform roofs

The HERING Group's innovative development and supply of high quality, cost effective, attractive and user friendly products and services was been recognised through the award “Supplier of the year” by Deutsche Bahn (German National Railway System) in 2003.

All modular systems from HERING are noted for a high degree of prefabrication in the factory thereby simplifying and speeding up the final assembly at the installation location to a considerable degree.

Roofing solutions made by HERING:


Jörg Mielke
Head of Sales

+49 2736-27-225

Thomas Reh
Deputy Head of Sales

+49 2736-27-218

Benjamin Otto

+49 2736-27-221


In the construction of our roofing solutions, we use modular system construction methods and the connection of functionality and design.

For DB AG, we plan and build the approved platform roofing Bodenheim, Bodenheim light, HSM and Zwiesel. Beyond this, we also offer different system roofs for ÖPNV (regional commuter trains) segment.

Note: HERING is Q1 supplier of DB AG for platform roofs and system platforms!

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