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Platform roof type HSM System®

The HSM System® is a newly developed modular construction system with a special assembly method for railway platform roofing. It provides a solution between the weather protected building and a parallel running roof at the edge of a railway platform.

Platform roof type HSM System® in Ebersberg
Platform roof type HSM System® in Ebersberg


  • This is an innovative railway platform roofing system, which can be prefabricated independent of respective projects.
    The parts are produced and stored in the factory irrespective of the projects.
  • The HSM System® is available in 2 roof widths: 

  • Roof system length: The individual length is 18 m, but can be added on to endlessly (as an overall roof or with distances).
  • Due to the fact that they are not as high as previously constructed platform roof systems, they provide more weather protection.
  • Using an innovative assembly concept from only one trackside, means that only one trackside needs to be closed down and have the overhead contact lines switched off.
  • Legally protected registered design


The assembly of the HSM System® roofing can be performed easily and quickly. The advantages which this platform provides for constructores are quite obvious:

  • short planning and approval periods, no more project related planning (platform edge)
  • use of commercially available profiles/materials
  • top-quality corrosion protection due to galvanising
  • short delivery periods due to prefabrication (“shelf-stored products”)
  • short assembly times due to prefabricated building elements and innovative assembly method (push method for roof elements)
  • integrated lighting/sound systems
  • integrated fall protection system/restraint system
  • prefabricated part foundation with integrated furnishing elements / information elements (optional)
  • screw connections of supports above ground protected against de-icing salt, easy access for building approval inspections
  • in the case of prefabricated part foundations, the platform surface can be made in one sweep, subsequent openings for roof assembly are not necessary
  • economical investment and life-cycle costs
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