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Platform roof type 'Bodenheim light'

The railway platform roof “Type Bodenheim light” is a supplement to the existing roofing system "Type Bodenheim". Due to slight changes of details and a modified assembly concept, a more economically priced alternative was realised - while retaining all of the advantages that Bodenheim provides.

Platform roof type 'Bodenheim light' in Tuerkismuehle
Platform roof type 'Bodenheim light' in Tuerkismuehle

Modular system design

"Bodenheim light" was created for a competition held by the Deutsche Bahn AG. The "Bodenheim light" saw Hering win 1st prize in the category “Economically priced platform roofing systems for large sized traffic stations" at the end of 2009.

This railway platform roofing system is provided in a single-column and double-column design: The single-column variant covers platform widths of up to approx. 7 m, the double-column variant covers platform widths of up to 13 m (Download overview platform roof type "Bodenheim light", pdf).

The roofing usually consists of sandwich profiles. The optical difference to the railway platform roofing “Type Bodenheim” lies in the omission of the corrugated ceiling in the outer roofing area.

The integrated lights and sound systems take into account both the safety-relevant and architectural aspects. Just as with the "Type Bodenheim", the important features of the railway platform roofing optimisation, provided by DB Station & Service AG, have been kept. These features include walk-on stability of the roof due to grids, ideal location of lighting etc.

A future-oriented development has already taken into consideration the needs and necessities for maintenance and cleaning. DB AG imperatively requests the implementation of this product optimisation. Such an implementation would, of course, lead to additional costs in other roofing systems, but not in the case of "Type Bodenheim" and "Type Bodenheim light" railway platform roofing systems.

You can rely on us to support you with the planning of your railway platform roofing projects. We create layout plans (ground plan, views, sections), in order to be able to achieve an economic and functional, project-related solution, and we also provide service specifications and cost estimates.

Picture gallery platform roof 'type Bodenheim light'

Platform roof 'type Bodenheim light' in Mannheim
Platform roof 'type Bodenheim light' in Mannheim
Platform roof 'type Bodenheim light' in Koblenz
Platform roof 'type Bodenheim light'
Platform roof 'type Bodenheim light'
Platform roof 'type Bodenheim light'
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