Public transport roofing

We plan and implement needs-based roofing solutions for public spaces for cities, municipalities, tradesmen, property developers and investors as well as for Deutsche Bahn AG and transport companies. The concept behind the system construction plays a major role here.

  • Systemdach Bodenheim light, Türkismühle, Foto Mats Karlsson
  • Systemdach Bodenheim, ZOB Kleve, Foto: David Hollnack
  • Systemdach PALYO, Wartehalle Holzhausen
  • Systemdach PALYO, Wartehalle Holzhausen
  • Systemdach PALYO, Visualisierung
  • Systemdach StiKK, Castrop-Rauxel
  • Systemdach StiKK, Freiberg
  • Systemdach StiKK, St. Augustin
  • Hering ZOB Überdachung Siegen, Foto: David Hollnack

Aesthetics and function for platform roofs

Along with the architecturally clear line management, the advantages can be seen in the economical system construction as well as short planning and assembly times. This means that, when it comes to HERING’s roofing solutions, aesthetics and function go hand in hand.


Jörg Mielke
Head of Sales

+49 2736-27-225

Thomas Reh
Deputy Head of Sales

+49 2736-27-218

Benjamin Otto

+49 2736-27-221


In the construction of our roofing solutions, we use modular system construction methods and the connection of functionality and design.

For DB AG, we plan and build the approved platform roofing Bodenheim, Bodenheim light, HSM and Zwiesel. Beyond this, we also offer different system roofs for ÖPNV (regional commuter trains) segment.

Note: HERING is Q1 supplier of DB AG for platform roofs and system platforms!

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