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modula® system platforms

Hering prefabricated platforms are characterised by a high degree of prefabrication, a factory quality guarantee, high-quality surfaces, design variety and numerous construction variants. Further developments and system optimisations make the various modula® types suitable for individual new construction, conversion and surface renovation or for changing the boarding level of stops.

modula® system platforms

Today, a wide range of DB-approved modula® type system platforms is available for the various requirements of long-distance, local and urban traffic. The latest innovation is the modula® flex elevation and refurbishment system, an extremely slim, textile-reinforced flat slab with a ready-to-use platform covering, ideally suited for raising existing platforms or for surface refurbishment as well as for retrofitting guide systems for visually impaired persons and hazardous area crosshatching. Particularly noteworthy are the concrete formulations specially developed for use in platform construction. These meet all requirements of the applicable directives, especially with regard to frost and condensation resistance, which is of central importance for platform coverings. All concrete formulations used by Hering Bau for system platforms with a weathering of 49 - 228 g/m² are far below the permissible values - which guarantees durability and thus long damage-free use.

Platform types for various requirements:

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