System platform modula® light

modula® light is a knocked-down platform system consisting of flat slabs, supporting beams and FT individual foundations. Alternatively, in-situ concrete foundations, steel girders and other substructures can also be used as foundations.

Thanks to the smaller elements, modula® light can also be mounted with two-way or mobile excavators. On top of that, existing platforms can be raised or renovated in a very short time using modula® light elements. It can also be used as a platform bridge, e.g. by mounting the elements on steel girders.

System advantages:

  • Strips for visually impaired persons and optional danger zone hatching integrated at the factory
  • Various substructures possible.
  • Quick installation with two-way excavator possible.
  • User approval granted by DB Station & Service AG.
  • Highest surface quality because of prefabrication in our own prefabrication plant specializing in high-quality concrete surfaces.
  • Very short total construction time.
  • Reduced obstruction of railway operation during assembly.
  • Reduction of project costs by saving safety and construction supervision times as well as operating times and construction site logistics.
  • Installation also possible during shutdown breaks, e.g. during nightly shutdown periods-
  • Also suitable for platform extensions or temporary use.
  • Foundation usually outside the pressure range from the railway traffic loads, therefore no statically verifiable shoring in the foundation area required.
  • Lower construction site logistics by reducing the use of bulk materials, individual building materials and small materials.
  • Very low maintenance costs.
  • No vegetation care (no growth in joints), no tripping hazards due to different settlements.
  • Durability of components because of very high freeze-thaw salt resistanc, weathering far below permissible limits.

Picture gallery "Type modula® light as side or island platform"


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Head of Sales

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Deputy Head of Sales

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System rc platforms type modula® from HERING offer a higher degree of pre-fabrication, the factory quality guarantee, variety of design and construction variants for new constructions and renovation or changes of the embarking level.

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