Systemised construction solutions
Platform roofs and platform solutions

Advantages of the system platform type modula®

  • Very short construction time. It guarantees minimum interference to rail operations during assembly as well as a reduction of the project costs concerning necessary safety services, periods of track blocking and building site logistics.
  • A system recognised and released for use by the DB Station & Service AG.
  • Diverse factory prefabricated surfaces are possible with integrated guide system for visually impaired persons, fastening components, earthing, anchor plates, manhole covers and recesses.
  • Beam system and rc platform surfaces for type 1 and 1b are prefabricated as one constructional element.
  • Infinitely variable dimensions of the system; thus suitable for all public transport systems.
  • Highest surface quality through prefabrication in the company’s own specialised pre-cast concrete sections factory.
  • Supply including prefabricated foundations for surface foundation, platform furnishing and platform roofs.
  • Noise protection and screen walls can be integrated.
  • Foundation is normally outside of the pressure area due to train traffic loads and therefore no proof of static shoring in the foundation area needs to be provided.

Further advantages of finished surface rc platforms

  • In special cases assembly outside of the danger area with subsequent placing of the rc platform in the final position is possible.
  • Supply lines and equipment can be retrofitted without demolition of the platform. Visual inspections or retrofitting work by technical services is normally possible (prerequisite is a relevant inside height).
  • Cost-effective possibility of subsequent changes of the entry level through raising or lowering of the system platform.
  • Also suitable for platform extensions or temporary utilisation.
  • rc platform type modula® and modula® flex can be assembled with light hoisting equipment (mobile excavator and road rail excavator).
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