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modula®flex – extension slab, type 4

This slab is suitable for quick retrofitting of conventionally paved platforms or as a combination solution for new constructions. The thickness of the element of 7 - 8 cm ideally corresponds to the thickness of paving or building stones so that the laying planes for both processes can be constructed at the same level.

modula®flex – extension slab
modula®flex – extension slab

As a spin-off of the modula®flex raising system it can be manufactured and supplied with finished surfaces, variably including platform edges or starting behind the edge up to the guide system for visually impaired persons, with or without guide strip. This leads to a significant improvement in quality and prevents settlement in this sensitive area close to the track between the conventional paving slab and the pavement.

In addition prefabrication and quick assembly are an advantage of the extension slab!

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