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modula® shift - Subsequent level change of system platforms

The modula® shift system allows the height of modula® platforms to be changed at a later date without having to replace system components. This is particularly advantageous if, for example, when constructing a new platform, it is known that a different level will be required in the future than at the time of construction. This means that the level of the platform can later be adjusted with minimum effort using the patented modula® shift system.

Advantages of the level change

Subsequent changes (raising or lowering) to the access level are made simply by installing or removing spacers between the foundation bodies and the modula® platform support system. Only the permanently elastic joint has to be renewed; other than that there are no disposal and landfill costs.


  • Most cost-effective way of changing the access level at a later date
  • Time savings in planning
  • Very short total construction time. Reduced obstruction of railway operation during assembly. Reduction of project costs by saving safety and construction supervision times as well as operating times and construction site logistics
  • Track safety and construction supervision costs minimized
  • Work during shutdown/train breaks or also during nightly shutdown periods possible
  • Minimum construction site logistics
  • Reusability of all components / no disposal costs

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