Temporary platforms modula® temporär

The modula® temporär system platform is a rentable platform, suitable for construction assistance, emergency operations or as an event or exhibition platform to create an additional stop. modula® temporär consists of hot-dip galvanised steel girders, which are mounted on stackable precast foundations and cover all platform heights continuously adjustable from 30 to 100 cm over top of rail.

The elements are available in standard longitudinal grids of 5.00 m and in standard widths of 2.50 m and 3.00 m. Pluggable railings are supplied as standard as well as optional lighting poles, weather shelters, ramps or stairs. The reusability of all system components saves valuable resources.


  • In stock and available at short notice
  • Rentable with individual terms
  • Reusable several times, conserves resources
  • Delivery, installation, storage, dismantling and removal from one, single source
  • Fast assembly due to prefabricated elements including railings
  • Optional special elements, e.g. ramps or stairs available
  • Also available as an elevation system for existing platforms (minimum height difference to the new boarding level must be 26 cm).
  • No dewatering necessary due to perforated sheet system
  • Reduced obstruction of railway operation during assembly.
  • Reduction of project costs by saving safety and construction supervision times as well as operating times and construction site logistics.
  • Installation also possible during shutdown breaks, e.g. during nightly shutdown periods
  • Also great for platform extensions
  • Foundation usually outside the pressure range from the railway traffic loads, therefore no statically verifiable shoring in the foundation area required
  • Very low maintenance costs.

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Jörg Mielke
Head of Sales

+49 2736-27-225

Thomas Reh
Deputy Head of Sales

+49 2736-27-218

Benjamin Otto

+49 2736-27-221


System rc platforms type modula® from HERING offer a higher degree of pre-fabrication, the factory quality guarantee, variety of design and construction variants for new constructions and renovation or changes of the embarking level.

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