modula® flex – the elevation and renovation system for existing platforms

The new innovative modula® flex system is ideally suited for elevating conventional platforms with access levels that are too low, for surface renovation of ailing platforms and for retrofitting guide system for visually impaired persons or hazardous area crosshatching.

Textile concrete on modula® flex platforms

By using textile concrete, modula® flex platforms can be manufactured extremely slim in only 8 cm element thickness with a completely finished surface. The flex-plate can be produced including a moulded cover stone (d up to 14 cm). This slim design saves resources and weight, which brings advantages during transport and assembly. Furthermore, due to the special reinforcement made of glass fibre textile, no earthing of the system is necessary.

modula® flex panels can be laid, for example, in a mortar bed on the existing platform surface. As a rule, there are no costs for dismantling and disposing of the existing platform and quick recommissioning can be ensured. The elements are available in standard lengths of 1.35 m and with flexible widths of 1.20 - 3.00 m.

Advantages of modula® flex at a glance:

  • Sustainability through saving resources and weight
  • No corrosion of the reinforcement
  • No grounding/earthing required
  • Quick installation with small hoist possible
  • Usually no dismantling of the existing platform necessary
  • The level-crossing laying-subgrade for modula® flex elements and paving
  • Strips for visually impaired persons and optional hazardous area hatching integrated at the factory using glued-in tiles or die casting
  • Adaptation cuts in the area of existing installations and platform equipment elements (e.g. manhole covers) can be produced quickly and easily locally
  • User approval granted by DB Station & Service AG
  • Time savings in planning
  • Highest surface quality because of prefabrication in our own prefabrication plant specializing in high-quality concrete surfaces
  • Very short total construction time. Reduced obstruction of railway operation during assembly
  • Reduction of project costs by saving safety and construction supervision times as well as operating times and construction site logistics.
  • Installation also possible during shutdown breaks, e.g. during nightly shutdown periods
  • Conservation of resources through less building material
  • Various dimensions can be supplied
  • Very low maintenance costs, no growth in joints, no tripping hazards due to different settlements
  • Durability of components because of very high freeze-thaw salt resistanc, weathering far below permissible limits.

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System rc platforms type modula® from HERING offer a higher degree of pre-fabrication, the factory quality guarantee, variety of design and construction variants for new constructions and renovation or changes of the embarking level.

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