Railway overpasses and temporary bridges

Railway overpasses

As a specialist in the field of engineering services linked to railways, we combine specialist know-how with many decades of experience to deliver your individual project. If the railway network encounters obstacles at the same height, for example roads, railway overpasses may be required. We are also very happy to implement your own individual customer requirements and offer a customised solution for your project.

Specifically, we can offer you the following construction services:

  • Construction of new railway overpasses
  • Refurbishment of railway overpasses
  • Repair of railway overpasses
  • Modernisation and adaptation of railway overpasses

Temporary bridges

When it comes to repair measures, our range of services includes the installation and removal of temporary bridges. Temporary bridges as temporary support structures enable you to carry out repair measures beneath these bridges without any major operational restrictions.

Our established teams of dedicated foremen and skilled workers and our modern, high-performance machine technology enable us to install and remove the temporary bridges with a high level of quality, safety and reliability.

What do we promise you? To implement your construction project skilfully and economically with supreme precision!


is the hallmark of HERING's civil engineering.

Our decades of experience are the key to the successful realisation of your demanding projects: Whether extensive modernization work at traffic stations such as new platform construction and renovation of pedestrian underpasses or bridge construction.

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