Civil engineering close to tracks

In addition to construction projects involving tracks and points, our range of services also includes civil engineering close to tracks. Our teams of dedicated foremen and specialist workers and our modern and powerful machine technology enable us to execute civil engineering assignments close to tracks in a professional way.

Detailled services

Our range of services in this area of expertise extends from civil engineering and underground cable works, laying edge pathways through to railway-specific civil engineering. Specifically, we offer you the following construction services:

  • Civil engineering works
  • Producing a range of drainage installations
  • Laying cable shafts
  • Laying cable channels
  • Laying cables
  • Laying edge pathways
  • Producing rail crossings
  • Producing deep drainage installations
  • Producing formation rehabilitation

What do we promise you? To implement your construction project skilfully and economically with supreme precision!


... is something you can always depend on when HERING builds the tracks.

And of course that is true for the entire range of services: Whether track or points work, services in civil engineering close to the track or work at level crossings. work at level crossings track and switch inspections as well as immediate measures.


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