Rail crossings

Repair of rail crossings

Rail crossings are level crossings at which road traffic and rail traffic intersect. Depending on the volume of road traffic and the frequency of rail traffic, a rail crossing only has a limited technical useful life and after this must be renewed. Then there is also any required work to upgrade to the modern technology that is used to operate a rail crossing. We are very happy to assist you with your renewal projects when it comes to rail crossings.

Specifically, we offer you the following services:

  • Submitting the official applications for any necessary road closures, night and weekend work permits etc.
  • Setting up the road closures with diversion signs
  • Surveying services for route surveying
  • Carrying out surfacing works
  • The use of necessary track-bound tamping machines as part of the associated track works
  • Civil engineering works for rail crossing safety facilities
  • Removal and installation of asphalt coatings, Strail coatings, Bodan coatings
  • Removal and installation of Stelfundo system/track base plates


... is something you can always depend on when HERING builds the tracks.

And of course that is true for the entire range of services: Whether track or points work, services in civil engineering close to the track or work at level crossings. work at level crossings track and switch inspections as well as immediate measures.


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