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Our established teams of dedicated foremen and skilled workers enable us to prefabricate all types and sizes of points with maximum precision and fit them quickly using our modern track-bound cranes. Powerful and modern machine technology and professional project management round off our expertise in new points construction.

Points repair

Over time, the railway track and in particular very busy sections of routes are subject to a high level of wear and tear due to constant loading. To ensure safe and reliable railway operations, maintenance measures are required across the whole life cycle. We will be happy to undertake the replacement of large sections of points for you using our modern rail-bound cranes. Powerful and modern machine technology along with ingenious project management complete our performance capacity when it comes to track repair projects. Repair contracts also form part of the service we offer.

Points removal

Do you want to remove the points on sections of a railway that have been shut down? We will be happy to take care of the points removal, the logistical and organisational tasks as well as the disposal of waste materials for you. With our powerful and modern machine technology, we allow you to arrange for the removal to be implemented quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a perfectly coordinated complete solution from one single source, we are the right partner for you.


... is something you can always depend on when HERING builds the tracks.

And of course that is true for the entire range of services: Whether track or points work, services in civil engineering close to the track or work at level crossings. work at level crossings track and switch inspections as well as immediate measures.


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