Auxiliary bridges Andernach

Installation of two auxiliary bridges at Andernach station, track dismantling while the line was shut down. Introduction of shoring. Excavation of pits and soil replacement. Installation of supports for the auxiliary bridge as precast elements and bearings. Installation of two auxiliary bridges and backfilling of pits. Restoration of the superstructure and welding of rails.

Construction panel

Auxiliary bridges Andernach
Installation of two auxiliary bridges at Andernach station


DB Station & Service AG,, Berlin

Excecution period:

05/2022 to 07/2022

Order volume:

€ 0.5 million

Scope of work:

Structure: Prefabricated foundations 3.00*3.00 metres*0.60 metres*4 pieces, Support structure with elastomer bearings 2.80*0.30 metres* 4 pieces, Two ZH-16 auxiliary bridges each weighing 45 tonnes and spanning 16.80 metres
Masses: Sheet piling wall with 120 square metres of visible surface, Soil replacement 350 cubic metres, Excavation and backfilling 800 cubic metres

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