Flat-bed railcars model Rens

HERING owns flat-bed railcars model Rens-192 flat wagon. These can be hired from HERING. The 4-axle bogie wagons have a firm bed and are equipped with both stanchions and front boards.

The railcars are optimal for the transport of cargo that is not sensitive to weather conditions such as, for example, track construction material (sills, tracks, railway yokes, switch parts) or extension bed/extension materials. Beyond this, the transportation is enabled by reinforced concrete parts, sheet piling and machines.

The maximal load carry capacity of flat wagons is 65,000 kg. All other data can be found at a glance in our data sheet.


... is in the hands of HERING and is characterised by equally high flexibility and reliability.

HERING is a specialist in the rental of large rail-bound machines: in addition to track cranes, material conveyor and hopper wagons as well as loading stations are also available.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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