Reference project for heavy machinery: Immediate action: passage renewal in Lengenwang/Bavaria

As the name suggests, taking immediate measures requires prompt action. For DB Netz AG, HERING provided a track-bound slewing crane and a work train locomotive with two rail wagons as part of a passage renewal. In addition, a logistical concept has been drawn up to ensure that the work is carried out.

Further details can be found on the construction panel.

Construction panel

Immediate action: passage renewal in Lengenwang, Bavaria

Provision of a track-bound slewing crane KRC810T for the lifting of the steel frame in the course of a passage renewal


DB Netz AG

Completion period:

Construction phase 1: End of February 2018
Construction phase 2: Mid-March 2018

Scope of services:

Provide track-bound slewing railway crane for lifting in the new passage parts
Later expansion to include a work train locomotive with two rail wagons & provision of a logistics concept


Frequently used single-track line with up to 2.5% steep routing with traffic signalised train control operation
Passage with 38 t unit weight, reinforced concrete structure, cross-section of approx. 2x2.5 m
The construction site cannot be reached by heavy goods vehicles
Temperatures of down to minus 17°C during the first shutdown period

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