Rail cranes

The HERING corporate group boasts what is currently the largest fleet of rail cranes in Germany. For many decades now, we have been demonstrating our specialist expertise and constant reliability as well as working in partnership with our customers when it comes to track-bound heavy machinery (rail cranes, material supply wagons and loading stations).

The corporate group’s fleet comprises a total of 13 modern, high-performance rail cranes from the manufacturers Kirow and Gottwald with maximum load-bearing capacities of from 45 to 150 tonnes. Our rail cranes are equipped with level compensation and thus enable reconstruction measures at a camber of up to 180 mm and the navigation of bend radiuses of up to 80 m. The bendable superstructure engineering of our track cranes provides the load-dependent profile freedom in relation to the adjacent track.

Challenge our performance capacity – We are sure to be able to meet your workload too!

You can deploy our track cranes ideally in the following areas:

  • All kinds of bridge assembly work
  • Conversion of turnout assemblies up to a 2,500 radius
  • Larger points using the tandem process
  • Installation of heavy components close to the track
  • Track-bound header conversion with a yoke length of up to 36 m
  • Temporary bridge reconstruction up to a length of 24 m
  • Incident deployment

Our logistics experts will be happy to advise you and offer you a customised solution for your project. Thanks to our extremely experienced machine operators, we are able to implement your construction project reliably, economically and on time.

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HERING is a specialist in the rental of large rail-bound machines: from track cranes and material conveyor and hopper wagons to loading stations. In addition, we have two-way excavators, the largest fleet of privately owned tamping machines as well as fast ballast spreading and grading machines at our disposal.


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