Bodenheim light at Bonn

System roofs reference project: System platform roofs type Bodenheim light at Bonn

The UN Campus stop is located not far from the Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) and the Bundeskunsthalle (Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany) and is one of the city's focal points for employment. It was of the utmost importance to complete the two single-support Bodenheim roofs over Track 1 and Track 2 on time and to conclude the installation of the Hering platforms beforehand as the World Climate Conference 2017 was going to be held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November 2017. The International Conference of the United Nations (UN) would be convening for the 23rd time.

Five more bodies were also intending to come together under the Framework Convention. Around 20,000 participants were expected. The elements required for the construction of the two platform roofs were delivered to Bonn by truck allowing them to be installed on time for the conference by using a truck crane to lift them over the previously built Hering platforms to ensure that the station was ready to receive the visitors who would be arriving from all over the world.

Photos: J. Bartnik-Milz

Construction panel

UN-Campus stop, Bonn,
two Bodenheim light type platform roofs


Eiffage Wittfeld GmbH (general contractor) and DB Station & Service AG (principal)

Year of construction of roofing:


Scope of service:

Workshop planning and structural analysis, production, delivery and assembly of two platform roofs of the Bodenheim light type

Roofing over the location’s platform (type and dimensions L x W):

2 x Bodenheim light,
Dimensions (LxW): 66 m x 4 m

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