Reference project platform roofs: Eppstein Station

During the work performed to adjust the tracks to the new Eppstein tunnel, the entire Eppstein station was modernised, from 2013 to 2015. Travellers can enjoy a modern infrastructure with a direct connection to the bus traffic as well as additional parking spaces and new platforms with high-quality platform roofs.

Various versions of the Bodenheim system from Hering were used for roofing. For the external platform, there is a 34m long type 2 roof. The combined bus-train platforms use the type 1 roof, also in a 34 m length. The roofing in the staircases and elevators required a custom solution based on type 1 and type 1b. Both roofs were joined together to provide optimal weather protection.

Construction panel

Modernisation of Eppstein station,
platform roofing type Bodenheim


H. Klostermann Baugesellschaft mbH

Year of construction of roofing:

2015 / 2016

Scope of service:

Construction documentation and structural analysis as well as manufacture, delivery and installation of 3 platform roofs, type Bodenheim

Platform roofing:

Type Bodenheim 2
Dimensions (LxW):  34 m x 9.50 m

Roofing combination train platform + bus platform:

Type Bodenheim 1 
Dimensions (LxW): 34 x 5.60

Platform roofing:

Custom solution, consisting of a roof type 1 combined with a roof type 1b
Dimensions (LxW): 34m x 9,73 - 11,37 m

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