Reference project system roofs: System platform roofs type Zwiesel at Lahr railway station

Two Hering Zwiesel-type roofs that are 85 metres and 90 metres long were erected at the railway station here.  During the construction of the first roof, which was already built in June 2017, the components were delivered by truck; the construction work was carried out from the outside with a truck-mounted crane.

The second roof was built in autumn 2017 when one of the tracks was shut down and a road-rail excavator was used to install the components. The work was carried out during nightly closures.

Photos: Oliver Wernert Fotografie

Construction panel

Lahr Railway Station
Two Zwiesel-type platform roofs


Zürcher Bau GmbH (general contractor) and DB Station & Service AG, Freiburg (principal)

Year of construction of the roofs:


Scope of work:

Workshop planning and structural analysis, production, delivery and assembly of two Zwiesel-type platform roofs

Roofing over the location’s platform (type and dimensions L x W):

2 x type Zwiesel,
Dimensions: First roof: 85 m long, Second roof: 90 m long 

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