Reference project system roofs: System platform roofs type Bodenheim at Wabern

Two Hering platform roofs were erected at Wabern railway station between the end of January and the first week of March 2018. The two Bodenheim-type roofs are central platform roofs and possess suspended ceilings. Both structures are each 25 metres long.

The elements were delivered by truck and loaded on to railway wagons. They were installed from the track using road-rail excavators. Another roof was put in place at the beginning of May.

Photos: David Hollnack

Construction panel

Wabern Railway Station
Two Bodenheim-type platform roofs


Hasselmann GmbH (general contractor) and DB Station & Service AG, Frankfurt (principal)

Year of construction of the roofs:


Scope of work:

Workshop planning and structural analysis, production, delivery and assembly of two Bodenheim platform roofs

Roofing over the location’s platform (type and dimensions L x W):

2 x type Bodenheim, Roofing over the central platform
Dimensions (LxW): 25 m x 9.60 m



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