Production of two island platforms type modula®

The reason for the measures was that the existing island platforms on an ICE line on the Göppingen – Plochingen section needed renewing. Replacement platforms were required to ensure adequate replacement access for rail customers while existing ICE platforms were being converted and that allowed disabled-friendly level access to the trains during the construction period.

Construction board

Goeppingen – Plochingen


DB Station & Service AG

Year of construction:


Scope of work:

Production of two modula® island platforms

Type platform and dimensions L x W:

modula® Platform 1 length=105 m width=2.50 m
modula® Platform 2 length=695 m width=2.20 m
modula® Platform 3 length=400 m width=2.5 m
modula® Platform 4 length=400 m width=2.5 m

Further references system platforms modula®:

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