Production of a side-boarding platform using the modula® design

The Rhine-Ruhr region is to be more closely linked with the Rhine-Ruhr Express (RRX). Hering’s platform was installed at route number 2270 RRX, Outer Branch 5, at the Holten stop as part of the expansion and conversion measures for the rail infrastructure in June 2019. The components for the 220-metre-long system platform were delivered by truck; the foundations were assembled using a mobile crane and the elements were installed with a tracked crane.

Special features:  The stays for the overhead lines meant that it was necessary to use telescopic cranes that could be extended under load. It also deserves mention here that the tracked crane was able to travel while the parts that had been prefabricated by Hering were lifted. That wouldn’t have been possible with a mobile crane as they need to be supported. The tracked crane made it possible for the elements – which weighed up to 14 tonnes – to be moved effortlessly in parallel behind the platform and installed at the appropriate height and intended location.

Construction board

HERING modula® side-boarding platform for RRX outer branch Oberhausen-Holten stop


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Year of construction:


Scope of work:

Production of a side-boarding platform using the modula® design

Type platform and dimensions L x W :

modula® platform length = 220 m, width = 3.00 m


Further references system platforms modula®:

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