An emergency measure at Wilferdingen-Singen Station

Plans to use new trains for the DB Station & Service AG Karlsruhe area at Wilferdingen-Singen station, at the start of the new timetable period in December 2019, meant that raising and extending the existing island platform 2 to a higher boarding level became strictly necessary.

Emergency measure to ensure accessibility

Only system platforms from the modula® series were suited to this, due to the short project time. Flex 2 x 78 m platform coverings and Light 2 x 21 m extensions were planned, pre-fabricated at the production site and supplied within no time. This meant that nothing stood in the way of the envisaged commissioning date for use of the new rolling stock. HERING Systeme company was able to effectively support the important rail customer with this emergency measure to ensure accessibility.

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