Relief concrete

A relief’s design is one of the most interesting options that working with concrete finishes presents. And it’s up to you whether you want the relief to be recessed within the component’s surface or raised above it. Our experienced experts specialising in concrete are able to transpose even complicated designs to the formwork.

How the formwork and finishes are realised determines results

The contrast on reliefs is achieved by the formwork method that is used. One of the many other finishing methods (e.g. acidifying, sanding, blasting) may be used when it is necessary to further enhance the contrast.

The result is an architectural concrete façade that bears your unmistakable signature.


Big picture:
Architectural precast concrete panels with acid etched and washed surface in one panel.
Blok3 - Bibliotheek, Almere, NL.
Photo: HERING. Architect:
MVSA Meyer en van Schooten Architecten, Amsterdam, NL