Photo concrete

The contrasts and colouring which are to be achieved with photo concrete are created by the contrast of finely washed areas to plain areas. The process is based on the different setting times of the concrete.

Impressive facade with photo concrete

An expressive photo provided by you is enlarged by HERING to the desired format and the photo concrete panel is manufactured in a series of processing steps. In the process, HERING advises you in the selection of the granulation to be used to obtain at the end an image rich in contrast. If the angle of the observer or the incidence of a light source such as the sun changes, the photo concrete panel provides constantly new impressions by virtue of its tiny relief-like recesses.

Big picture:
steel-reinforced concrete facade with a floral pattern of photo concrete.
Hotel Das Stue, Berlin, DEHotel Das Stue, Berlin.
Photo: BetonBild. Architect: Axthelm Architekten, Potsdam, DE