Evolving concrete façades
Focusing on sustainable solutions

Sustainable concrete façades

Recycled concretes and the recycling of building materials

Our sustainable concrete façade solutions constitute a major step forward for the construction industry – a step that takes both environmental and technological aspects into account. These solutions are aimed at reducing the environmental impact of conventional concrete façades while satisfying aesthetic and functional requirements at the same time.

Recycled concretes and the recycling of building materials (RC concrete for short) are key concepts in the field of sustainable concrete façades. As a result of the selection of the raw materials, fewer natural resources are consumed in the production of recycled concrete than in the production of conventional concretes. An example in this regard is a specific type of recycled concrete that’s based on previously used aggregate which has been recovered from recycled construction waste. Recycled concrete that’s employed within an urban mining context reflects the old structures in the new buildings. It prioritises sustainability, the preservation of resources and the protection of the environment.

SOLAR.con façade

The development of our SOLAR.con façade not only constitutes a milestone in sustainability, it’s also an architectural masterpiece. Seamlessly integrated small photovoltaic modules do not only allow aesthetically pleasing façade designs to be realised, they also actively contribute to satisfying a building’s energy requirements.

betoShell® textile concrete façades

betoShell®, our textile concrete façades are characterised by their low weight and slender panel thickness. They are manufactured using a cementitious composite material with non-corrosive glass-fibre or carbon-fibre plastic reinforcements.

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