Blasted concrete finishes

Blasted concrete finishes have had the top layer of fine mortar removed from the hardened precast concrete component. The process exposes the coloured aggregates, the size of the grains used determines the colour. This process partially breaks down the grain to give the finish a slightly lighter look.

Fine blasting only exposes the tips of the grain. The process creates a harmonious overall impression between the pigmented cement paste and the grains that have been adapted to match. The result is a particularly sophisticated look.

Special care must be taken during the blasting process in order to ensure a uniform appearance – even on large prefabricated components. Just the job for the experts at HERING who specialise in concrete.

Big picture:
Façade made of white, elaborately processed pre-cast concrete parts.
Project: Kaufhaus Tyrol, Innsbruck, AT.
Photo: BetonBild. Architect: David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin, DE