Urban Protection Shield® - the transparent noise protection façade

Residents in urban areas are increasingly exposed to disturbing and harmful noise sources. Together with the KOHLHAUER® company, HERING has developed a coordinated complete system for noise protection in urban areas: With the transparent Urban Protection Shield® noise protection façade, entire inner courtyards can be soundproofed!

With the Urban Protection Shield® noise protection system entire inner courtyards can be soundproofed

The system consists of a steel construction and transparent noise protection elements. It can be stretched between two existing building walls, for example, as an intermediate suspended façade. These transparent noise protection façades provide an open and translucent cityscape and also efficiently reduce noise pollution in urban areas. The Urban Protection Shield® thus combines aesthetics with functionality.

Technical details

The Urban Protection Shield® can be combined in many ways as a modular system. The glazing can be designed to be transparent or still bring additional benefits - by means of a titanium dioxide coating, for example, the glazing can be equipped with an air purification system. In addition, photovoltaic cells or printing for bird protection can be easily integrated. Thanks to its anti-graffiti coating and self-cleaning effect, the façade is less susceptible to damage from vandalism and is low maintenance to clean.

Various options are also conceivable for fixing the glazing: In addition to various frame profiles, some of which have not only a reflective but also an absorbing soundproofing effect, filigree point holders are also possible for fixing the glazing.


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Features and benefits of the Urban Protection Shield®:

  • Conclusive overall concept of the companies HERING-Stahlbau and Kohlhauer® in combination with noise protection elements
  • Easy to replace due to the problem-free exchange of complete frames
  • Wide variety of frame and glass designs, steel or point fixings
  • Additional benefit through coating of the lenses (e.g. air purification through titanium dioxide coating, etc.)
  • Modular system - can be combined in many ways
  • Coloured screen printing, coloured PV glasses (VOLTA)
  • Completion from a single source from consultation, planning, production and assembly to acceptance
  • Aluminium frame in sound-absorbing design
  • Interface minimisation
  • High, tested sound insulation
  • Crash- and vandalism-proof due to special construction of the panes
  • Inwardly absorbing frames reduce sound reflection and create quiet zones
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